Christoph Neumann, www.christoph-neumann.com
Christoph Neumann, http://www.christoph-neumann.com

Psycho & Plastic are determined to reintroduce a sense of wonder and adventure to both the dance floor and the home listening experience. Their new ambient album Placid House (May 8th 2020) focuses on the latter, deviating from the club-oriented releases of the previous year.
Recorded and produced in a mere three weeks after lockdown regulations took hold in their home Berlin, Placid House is an album of beatless ambient music made in and for these unprecedented times. Its eight instrumental tracks capture the essence of our trying times and transform it into sonic relief.

The growing number and diversity of Psycho & Plastic’s releases are testimony to their prowess as producers, composers, and performers. They won acclaim from international publications such as Data Transmission, Faze Magazin, DJ Mag Espana and others. In 2019, Psycho & Plastic’s music was championed by the late Andrew Weatherall in his last mix for BBC Radio 6 Music.
Trained musicians who have been working together for years, Alexandre Decoupigny and Thomas Tichai display stunning musicianship in their output. They also regularly tear up clubs and dance floors with rambunctious live sets of tripped out house and techno.
In true independent spirit, the duo operate their own label GiveUsYourGOLD, a home to Psycho & Plastic and a growing number of other artists and their nonconformist music.

Media feedback on 2020’s album Placid House:

“That’s the key to appreciating this album; it’s not gloomy, but questioning. We don’t have answers to how we feel or even where we go from here and as such Placid House is such a valuable artefact of our dislocated and uncertain times.”Jono Podmore / Getintothis

“Psycho & Plastic aim with this album (..) to transform the ubiquitous dread of the current crisis and to provide some sonic relief to their listeners. In this aim they have succeeded. Listening to it uplifts me and inspires me.”Rhea Boyden

“Super inspiring … richly soulfoul” –  Paul Hanford / Lost And Sound Podcast

Feedback on 2019’s singles Kosmoclub 1 and Kosmoclub 2:

“Loving High Priests Version” 4/5  – Andrew Weatherall 
“The gravitational pull of the Black Hole is very strong” 4/5  – Andrew Weatherall