New Video: Brimming With Anticipation – Live Studio Session It's been two years almost to the day since lockdown first struck and we subsequently started the process that led to our ambient album Placid House. To commemorate the occasion and to celebrate the creative journey we're still on today, we met up with photographer and videographer Mayra Wallraff at Noisy Rooms Berlin where [...]

New Video: Ice-O-Lation Funded/supported by Goethe Institut Cairo’s Digital Residency program. Here's Ice-O-Lation, the third and last video Thomas Georg Blank created from footage recorded within the game Occupy White Walls. This video premiere marks one year since we released our ambient album Placid House and more than one year of the social distancing and isolation that [...]

New Video: Out of the Woodwork Funded/supported by Goethe Institut Cairo’s Digital Residency program. Fresh off the YouTube premiere, here's Out of the Woodwork, the second of three videos Thomas Georg Blank created. Once again, all footage was recorded within Occupy White Walls, the virtual art gallery sandbox game.The series "Dwelling within the walls of impenetrable spaces watching worlds disintegrate" [...]

Placid House Video Premieres

On May 06 ambient album Placid House will be one year old. We started working on those eight tracks just over a 12 months ago, when the first Covid lockdown in Germany took hold. Since then, Placid House has quickly become our most successful and most celebrated release yet. To mark the occasion of its [...]

Radio Lotte Interview

Recently, we were interviewed for Radio Lotte's "Das geheime Zimmerarchiv" via conference call - in German. First broadcast online and in Weimar on Sun Feb 28th, you can listen to the archived show HERE.Since our first show/interview on Radio Lotte was in 2011, we speak about artistic transformations and evolutions in the last 10 years, [...]

Interviewed by Rhea Boyden

Psycho & Plastic · Rhea Boyden interviews Psycho & Plastic Per Telefon unterhielten wir uns neulich mit Rhea Boyden, Kunst- und Musikkritikerin aus Dublin, Irland. Thema war natürlich unser Ambient Album Placid House, wie es im Lockdown dazu kam, Inspiration aus Musikbüchern von John Cage, David Toop, R Murray Schafer und vieles mehr. Das Interview [...]

Placid House out NOW!

HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Placid House, unser neues Ambient Album ist jetzt bei allen digitalen Plattformen erhältlich! HIER kannst du es hören und dich zu deinem Lieblings-Service weiterleiten lassen. Und schau ab 16 Uhr in unseren livestream auf Facebook oder Youtube (mehr Info dazu steht im letzten Newsbeitrag). Placid House, our ambient album, is out on [...]