Grand Hotel Cosmopolis (Anti-Fascist Rave Remix) OUT NOW!

Neue Musik! Grand Hotel Cosmopolis, das Titelstück des neuen Albums vom jüdisch- kanadischen Klezmer-Punk Geoff Berner könnt ihr ab sofort im Psycho & Plastic Antifascist-Rave Remix geniessen.
Erschienen auf GiveUsYourGOLD (GOLD021).

Screenshot 2019-11-15 at 10.39.21.png“WE HAVE A BETTER PARTY THAN THE RIGHT-WING BASTARDS DO!”

New music! You can new enjoy Grand Hotel Cosmopolis, the title track of Jewish-Canadian klezmer-punk Geoff Berner‘s new album, as our Psycho & Plastic Antifascist-Rave Remix. Out on GiveUsYourGOLD (GOLD021).

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